It can be traced back to when I sold a computer to a client that couldn’t pay the bill, so he traded his camera instead. Admittedly, that camera collected dust in my closet for a couple years selling it. Since it sat for so long, I had to make sure it still worked. The first few pictures I took were all black. The dude sold me a broken camera (so I thought)! I mashed some buttons and the pictures got brighter, but everything was blurry. What the F-(stop)?
(did you see what I did there)
I took some underwhelming pictures of flowers and random stuff in the junk drawer before finally asking a friend to ‘model’ for me. Not knowing what I was doing, we still managed to capture a few moments where she truly connected with the camera. I knew it: I was hooked.


That’s our tagline. It sounds pretty straight-forward, but there’s meaning behind it. Since the beginning back in 2012, we’ve wanted to create a truly unique and intimate experience from first consult to final canvas. We believe everyone should have their own professional photography experience for so many reasons.

  • RAW: We want our images to be as raw and real as possible. Yes, sometimes we’ll guide in posing, but the emphasis is always on maintaining the most organic and natural feel as possible.
  • INSPIRING: Our most important criteria for what makes an image great: does it make you feel something? The composition, lighting, and posing might be perfect, but the image is sort of useless if you cannot connect emotionally.
  • BOUNDLESS: We don’t want to be limited in expanding our knowledge or creativity. If you have an idea, let’s make it come to life. We’re not afraid to try new techniques if it means a better image.

When you partner with us, you’re investing in a family-run business. You’re investing in an artist creating something custom for your home using the best materials possible. You’re investing in a memory. An experience. An emotion.

If that sounds like your kind of investment, we’re ready to invest in you.





My name is Eric. For any new people, here’s a warning: I’m mostly sarcasm and (dumb) dry humor. Okay, moving on.
I love to laugh and I love making others laugh (even at my own expense). My wife finds me to be hilarious *queue sarcasm*

Some people ask about the name Edge-E (pronounced ‘edgy’) and how it came to be. There’s no elaborate back story or weird inside joke. My style gravitates toward images that are crisp, sharp, contrast-y, and full of sass and emotion…i.e photos that are EDGY. That’s what I like to look at, so that’s what I like to shoot. Most other photographers simply name their business after themselves (how narcissistic…jk!). I’m horrible at remembering names and never want to punish others with the task of remembering mine, so ‘edgy’ turned into sort of an acronym/play on words where the ‘E’ stands for Eric (me!). Mission accomplished!

That was back in 2012. Fast-forward hundreds of thousands of images later, and I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot as far as Hawaii and even parts of Europe. I started out like many other photographers: not knowing much of anything. Have I made mistakes along the way? You’d better believe it. But, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting tons of awesome clients that turned into great friends.

While my knowledge and understanding of the photography side has increased, my commitment to providing a unique and personal experience each and every session has not. I want you to anticipate your session. I want you to have fun in front of the camera. I want you to brag to your friends about how awesome your prints look. Heck, I even want you to cry (joyful tears) when you hold them in your hands.

The End Result

The goal has always been to capture memories, but I’ll admit I was naive starting out in the sense that I grossly undervalued the print as the end result. Unless you’ve held a true archival, museum-grade quality print in your hands, you are probably just as lost as I was. A whole new level of emotional connection is made when you can physically hold an image. Once you’ve experienced that high, a digital file sitting on a forgotten hard drive will never compare. That’s why I’ve educated myself to complete your custom experience and seeing it through to the end.

It’s my hope that you’ll step a little outside your bubble and in front of the lens! Let my passion and knowledge guide you through hopefully one of the best experiences you’ll have. I love getting to know each of my clients over coffee first, so you can listen to my dumb jokes and ask any/all questions as we build a trust.

See you soon!



Total Geek

Random facts:

1 I’m a huge fan of all the superhero movies (especially Marvel). The Avengers is one of my all-time favorites. I think could go an entire month without wearing the same superhero shirt twice…

2 I’m a bit of a foodie. As a kid, I was the pickiest eater. Now, I’ll eat anything! I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a coffee snob. Want to get on my good side? Feed me a good burger or sushi.

3 In my (little) spare time, I’m a sound engineer. I get to mix live music on a weekly basis and absolutely love it! Dynamics, compression, effects, EQ’ing…it’s all a ton of fun to learn.